Ray Rosenstock's Introductory Welcome:

    Thank you for consulting my Web Page. Please check my BLOG too!! I’m an Emeritus Professor of Music at Keene State College since June 1998 and am immensely enjoying “retired” life here in Brighton/Boston. There’s my beautiful wife Paula (an Occupational Therapist); her proud mom, Corinne Gilbert, lives upstairs, and we share in her famous Sino-Judaic culinary extravaganzas on Friday evenings, sometimes with relatives and friends. In nearby Somerville, my son  Joshua is now a tenured Associate Professor in the Interactive Media and Game Development program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), his wife Sarah Phillips (a.k.a. Phil) now has her PhD in Social Policy from Brandeis University in hand, and they are the adoring parents of our wondrous granddaughter Tzipporah (or Tzippy) and her baby brother Solovey. Meanwhile, Paula’s son  Jonah Goldstein, currently in San Francisco in the employ of YouTube/Google, is most creatively (and prize-winningly) web-designing and has been very closely indeed associated with an author named Katrina Grigg-Saito, with whom he is married under the joint surname Goldsaito — and they both adore their baby son Taiga and his little sister Aya Melia!

    How do I keep so busy, and how might that be of use to you? First of all, I am a Musician and Musicologist. In this capacity, I have directed early music ensembles, and I already miss the Collegium Musicum that I left behind when I left KSC. I also play the viola da gamba (and other early instruments), and have performed in various ensembles over the years; I was a member of the (now defunct) local Fontegara Trio. On Monday evenings, I conduct early music sight-singing groups in my home here in Brighton. On June 12, 2013, honoring the publication of my final volume of the sacred works of 16th-c. composer Jean Maillard, my Jean Maillard Singers presented our inaugural fringe concert at the Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF). For more modern music, I play viola in the New England Philharmonic and the MIT Summer Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, and violin in the Wellesley Symphony Orchestra. And for folk music of an international nature, I played accordion, fiddle, and miscellaneous other instruments in our local (and now defunct) Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble, and I also sang in Bulgarian in the Zornitsa men's ensemble directed by Tatiana Sarbinska. In September 1999, I was chosen to be the leader of the singing sessions of the Folk Arts Center sponsored International Music Club , a most enjoyable role from which I retired in June 2012. As a musicologist, I have published various scholarly editions of the music of Renaissance composer Jean Maillard (fl. 1538-1572), program notes, and occasional concert reviews. Thus, as a musician and musicologist, I have built up quite a resume over the years, which I invite you to consult.

    Second of all, I am an aspiring Author of fiction and essays, in addition to the scholarly work I have already mentioned above.

    Third of all, I am currently on leave as a *Feldenkrais®* practitioner, in which capacity I have worked with both individuals and groups seeking to improve their balance, coordination, and general functioning in this world. Please click on the appropriate place in the previous sentence to access the page that provides a more detailed explanation of this remarkable method; that page will also give you a sense of my background, training, and general approach. At this point within my Welcome to you, I would like to emphasize that as an experienced musical performer, folk dancer, and author, I have a special affinity for creative people in my own Feldenkrais work. Please be sure to check out my past Feldenkrais Offerings, when you click above to access my Feldenkrais practitioner page, for further explanations of potential interest to you.

    Paula, having meanwhile retired unofficially from her career as an OT, blossoms as an artist promoting world peace and healing. I urge you to visit her website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/peacefulworlddesigns for an impressive sampling. She continues her father’s tradition as a percussionist, even while singing in a women’s Bulgarian vocal ensemble, Divi Zheni, and fiddling in the aforementioned International Music Club. As a founding member of the Jean Maillard Singers, she sings Alto. We dance together and attend a weekly modern dance class.

                                Welcome to this Web Page, which will be updated from time to time.

Genealogy buffs are also welcome to consult my family tree page and its accompanying photo gallery. See our 1999 Swiss-German Travel Photos too! Paula and I are planning our Bulgarian travel page for the near future.